Karate to the Olympic Tokyo 2020

Ryukyu Japan Karate-Do is one AAU 's Top Karate Schools in the US.  We are Proud to be recognized by such a prestigious organization like AAU Karate.

Who are we?

we are onE of the US Top Competition dojos.   Our team ranks amount the best of the best.   We work hard and play hard.  we teach respect, discipline, teamwork and leadership.  Physical fitness is just the end result.  

why should you join us?

To be the best you have to train and work with the best.  if you want respect, you must learn how to earn it. Our Poway karate dojo is known and respected amoung the best in the usa and the world.  If you want your kids to be part of the best karate program in the nation, then Join US and be among the best.   be Proud. be nationally ranked.

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respect | discipline | Physical fitness | Teamwork | Leadership
Ryukyu japan karate-do

Karate into the olympic